Tuesday, 9 June 2015

"INTERCONNECTED" June 2015 at the Elaine Fleck Gallery

Featuring the work of Lloyd Arbour, Paulette Marie Sauvé and Julien Poublanc
Interconnected is a collection of new works based around isolated architectural landscapes. The artwork features collaged imagery of highway overpasses from various urban locations. The open road is a representation of the path we choose to take as individuals — the future, past and the present. Focused on moving forward these works evoke emotion and progress in every interconnected line.
These complex landscapes were created digitally by combining countless layers of collaged photographs. Inspired by brutalist architecture the imagery is made up of objects and textures found in urban environments including glass, metal beams, concrete, wood and building materials. Combining natural and man made objects together allows the viewer to experience an added sense of depth within the scenes. The goal is to create the feeling of serenity within fast paced urban environments.

These new works have evolved from the series called “River Cities”. The architectural shapes have tiny colourful windows, and reflections adorn the buildings, the sky, the streets and in some cases, the lake.
In these mixed media paintings, I have created a textured landscape by imbedding woven metal and fabric in a polymer paste. One finds silhouettes of buildings that are given more depth with collages of digital prints on cotton fabric.
On the representations of steel and concrete structures, the prism-like sketches provide a playful atmosphere.

The inspiration for my abstract paintings comes from my desire to experiment with new processes. Leaving room for improvisation, these are the processes that I want to reveal on the canvas. Using strong colours and textures, energetic and gestural lines, I attempt to evoke a spontaneous and playful feeling in the viewer


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