Friday, 3 July 2015

The Elaine Fleck Gallery presents "NEW WORKS" featuring KATHY KISSIK and KAREN COLANGELO for the month of July.



The New York City series

“The NYC artwork never sleeps. When the lights go down the paintings change. I have used light reflective tape to highlight composition and lead the viewer’s eyes on a tour throughout each artwork. The result is a completely different painting depending upon the light in which it is viewed, calling to mind ideas about perspective and what meaning it gives to content. Tall skyscrapers, helicopter views, graffiti, and broken surfaces combine much like the city itself.  These pieces are a study of the dynamic world we live in; pulsating, changing, and polarizing.” 
- K.K.


Star series

“Stars at night have provided a source for contemplation and inspiration for millennia. It is our innate nature to seek a relationship to these distant lights that reflect down upon us to challenge our collective perceptions, experiences and beliefs and thus further strengthen our ties to our original source. The 13 stars I have created fold into pyramids and can be manipulated to bend into a multitude of positions. They can adapt to the space they are presented in highlighting that it is the limitless imagination that gives meaning and content to our existence.” – K.K.



The inspiration for my paintings comes from the vibrant colours of nature. I represent these colours in layers. To apply the paint, I rarely use a paintbrush; I'm attracted to objects that I use in every day life. I use large sheets of plexiglass to apply the layers of paint to the canvas and as a result of this un-conventional method; the paint when dragged across the canvas evokes a spectrum of colour and movement. It is through this process of layering that these vibrant and whimsical worlds of abstraction are created. - K.C.

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