Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Elaine Fleck Gallery scotiabank Contact Photo Festival Show featuring Mark Brodkin and Jamie Day Fleck

Mark Brodkin shoots iconic locations from around the world in the way most photographers can only dream of! His boundless energy, thorough preparation, steadfastness and technical expertise is second to none. Elaine Fleck has culled through Mark's bountiful collections of photographs to curate "Reunification". Get reconnected with these natural wonders through Mark Brodkin's superb, elevating photographs.

Jamie Day Fleck's newest series of photographs titled "Earth and Sky", explores the landscapes of Ireland where historical sites blend with nature, creating a dialogue between the contemporary and the eternal. The images are at once of the present, due to the cloud formations and play of light, while being rooted in the past with ruins and timeless natural features. Using bold compositions and strong leading lines, these historic locations are refashioned to a statement of nowness showing that beauty and nature are always relevant. The images are in Black and White to further accentuate the compositional lines, symmetry and repetition creating graphic representations and reinterpretations of Irish vistas and locales.

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