Thursday, 20 June 2013

July 2013 Show

Attend the opening night of CONSTRUCTIVISM featuring new work by World Renowned American Artist Kathy Kissik and introducing a new series by Emerging Canadian Artist Joan Andal Romano. Thursday July 4th 7-10pm Invitation attached.

Kathy Kissik- Statement:
My mixed media paintings are architectural. Trained primarily in photography and welding my materials are carefully chosen. I photograph my subject with a traditional medium format camera and occasionally digitally. I Shoot from varying vantage points and over a course of days. I allow myself to become intimate with my surroundings and form a relationship. Then I begin constructing sculptural collages utilizing my own prints. I seek out objects that lend themselves visually and conceptually to the subject I am dealing with. Metals, in general, have an unspoken vocabulary that is a useful tool for subtly transmitting information to the viewer. For instance, copper, by nature, conducts energy and therefore I use it symbolically for its lively aspects. On the other end of the spectrum there is the dead toxic dullness of lead, which is useful as a counterpoint to the copper. Sometimes found objects from the site inform the direction and work themselves into the artwork My vision has always been to evoke how a place feels. The interpretation of time, space, and subtle nuances associated with the experience of the subject. Texture and tonal shifts round out visual impact.
Joan Andal Romano was born in Legazpi City, Philippines, and immigrated to Canada at the age of three. She grew up in Toronto against a backdrop of a multi-cultural community. She grew up in an environment of diversity and acceptance.

At a young age, Joan realized one of her strongest subject was mathematics. She ultimately became a professional engineer and so far, her career spans over fourteen years. Then there was her other strong subject – art. She recalls a class where she created a full-sized large mural depicting her impression of the novel ‘The Grapes of Wrath’ by John Steinbeck. The teacher extremely impressed, stated, “Joan, you were born with a gift, I hope you use your artistic talent in the future, it would be a waste otherwise”. Her high school teacher’s advice would echo in her mind for years. Then in September 2010, she began to paint and experiment with mixed media art. She joined a studio group of artists in Campbellville where she continues to learn mixed media techniques.

Fast forward, three years later, Joan is a member of the Fine Arts Society of Milton, Artists Toronto, Artists’ Network of Riverdale and Gallery 1313. She has participated in several juried art exhibitions across Toronto and continues to sell artwork in galleries located in the hub of Toronto’s art scene. The Hangman Art Gallery, located on Queen Street East, was the gallery she chose to hold her very first solo art exhibition. The exhibition ran from August 28 - September 16, 2012 and was a defining moment in Joan's art career. Her solo show resulted in several media release coverage. She titled her show 50/50 due to her use of both her left and right brain. Most of her mixed media artwork sold during opening week. 

Joan is very excited by the opportunity to show at The Elaine Fleck Gallery this July and has been encouraged and challenged by Elaine Fleck to produced three of her largest pieces to-date for this show.

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