Thursday, 6 June 2013

Art Exhibition And Sale: Gallery Represented Artists Maggie Broda, James Swartz, and Katerina Podolak

Toronto Based Artist Maggie Broda: "The actions of people fascinate me, not their faces, clothes or bodies so much but their disciplines. People have auras which I reproduce with colour. Their inclinations are determined in my work by the lines they carve spatially. The texture develops with the layering of the medium."

Toronto Based Artist James C. Swartz: Urban, rural and industrial landscapes have long been a subject of intrigue for James. His imagery explores the intricate link between society and nature, combining the raw elements of growth, development, desertion and decay into eloquent, highly expressive visions that find beauty and humanity in the most unlikely of places.

Toronto Based Artist Katerina Podolak, originally from Prague, Czech Republic. Through her paintings, she is currently exploring the power struggle between the natural world and the constructed world. Katerina’s paintings reflect a dynamic relationship without resolution: sometimes rigid structures are disrupted by organic forms; other times the relationship is harmonious. Katerina’s treatment of this shifting relationship invites contemplation. Each piece carefully balances unity and tension using a system of interlocking, interaction power relations. A hybrid of untamed gesture and mathematical tension captures both the architectonic stasis and the kinetic furor of the moment.

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