Wednesday, 24 July 2013

August 2013 Show

Featured Artists:
LLOYD ARBOUR - Digital Illustrations and Mixed Media
A perfectionist and visionary—Arbour’s abstract works are a creative outlet for this well diversified artist, illustrator and graphic designer. His unique illustrations have a common blend of; originality, aesthetic appeal and thought provoking imagery that stirs question. His inspiration comes from urbanstreetscapes, graffiti, nature, society and pop culture. His goal is to spark the creativity of others, while building a connection with the viewer. 
His most recent work experiments with vintage maps, photography and collage. Most concepts start as digital illustrations created through Adobe Illustrator andPhotoshop. Mediums play off, challenge, or complement one another. His work includes several mediums including photography, printing, painting and sketching.
SUSAN FISHER - Encaustic and Mixed Media
Susan graduated from Concordia University, Montreal with an honours BFA and a post graduate diploma in Art Education. After experiencing the North while teaching, she continued her education and graduated from Trent University,Peterborough with a Master's Degree specializing in First Nations Art History.
From an early passion for printmaking and especially photography, she embraced the specialized techniques of encaustic painting, an ancient medium rediscovered and currently popular with a growing number of artists.
Susan Fisher enjoys creating in encaustic because of the way it allows her to create rich layers of translucence and color that come together as a whole in a work saturated with depth, emotion, and life. It allows her to build truly vibrant worlds with heartbeats, identities, and emerging life forces all their own, mirroring the actual fluidity and tactile nature of the medium itself. In addition to using traditional ancient encaustic techniques to create her pieces, she also incorporates elements of such media as printmaking, traditional drawing, and sculpture to create a result that is incredibly personal and truly one of a kind. Each piece of her incredible melting wax art represents a different moment – a fleeting emotion – frozen and preserved forever using one of the world’s oldest and most challenging media.
ROMAN ELINSON - Photography
Born in 1974, Roman Elinson currently lives and works in Toronto as both a physician and an artist. Roman’s photography career began in 2000 with the purchase of a used Pentax SLR at a San Francisco pawn shop during a medical school elective. As an artist, Roman is self-taught and continues to explore a range of styles including documentary, pop, nature, and surrealism. Roman’s work is influenced by Cartier-BressonErwitt, Dali, and C.G. Jung, and is often inspired by the exotic milieus of his travels. His images have been variously described as uplifting, thought provoking, and dream-like. Roman’s work has been exhibited across Canada and internationally.

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