Tuesday, 23 February 2016


March 2016 The Elaine Fleck Gallery presents work by renowned American artist Kathy Kissik and introduces the work of David Fredrik.

Kathy Kissik is a Miami-based artist known for her fusion of contemporary and historical photography with found objects. Kissik earned her BFA degrees from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA and Tufts University where she was a fifth year Travelling Scholar recipient, then enrolled in a post-graduate program at the University of New South Wales.

Photography Based Mixed Media Collage by Kathy Kissik

Trained primarily in photography and welding, Kathy Kissik’s mixed media collages are often architectural. She photographs her subjects – with a traditional medium format camera and occasionally digitally – from slightly skewed perspectives, recording the shifting of light with the passage of time. Then Kissik builds out sculptural collages with contrasting textures and found objects for a multifaceted effect. Metals have an unspoken vocabulary in her practice that subtly transmit information to the viewer.

"My vision has always been to evoke how a place feels." -Kathy Kissik


David Fredrik's mixed-media works blend chaos and harmony, all while expressing different “stories from the streets”.

David’s extensive world travels inspire his focus on global subcultures. His paintings aim to reflect the beautifully imperfect surroundings of urban city life. A focus on dense layers and coarse deconstruction form his signature pieces. His background in Advertising, Graphic Design, and Typography heavily influence his compositional approach.

In 2014, David was named an "Artist to Invest in Now" by Saatchi Art. 

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