Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Elaine Fleck Gallery has moved to 1351 Queen Street West. Our last location of eight years, 888 Queen Street West, was a wonderful venue and location but frankly did not have enough space for us to grow any further in. Our new location consists of 1500 square feet of usable gallery, office and inventory space with a wonderful court yard in the back. We have moved literally 5 minutes away or 1.7 km west.

I want to warmly thank Bill Riopka, Mark Liam Smith, Inger whist and Juliette Vermeersch for their great contribution to the move and renovations, they are true friends to the gallery and the Elaine Fleck Gallery is enriched because of them.

After a month of moving, renovating and organizing we are now hanging our first show in our new gallery space featuring brand new work by Elaine Fleck Gallery represented artists Karen Colangelo and Lloyd Arbour.

I encourage everyone to come out to the gallery to view and purchase this exceptional artwork. As emerging artists quickly gaining a strong following the price point of their work is still a bargain.


My latest work is a Contradiction. I begin each piece with the primary colours. I allow these three contenders in the match to create a stage for mixing and matching. A dance that invites in secondary colours and eventually pushes out the final players…the tertiary colours.

I am going for the impact of colour as I lay complementary colours next to each other. As Monet once quoted in 1888, "colour makes its impact from contrasts rather than from its inherent qualities....the primary colours seem more brilliant when they are in contrast with their complementary colours” and eventually when placed next to each other, complements making each other appear brighter. This is the excitement I am trying to create for the viewer of my performance.

My painting technique uses the opposite of brushes. I putty up sheets of plexi-glass with an acrylic paint and drag the paint along the canvas surface creating my movement. As one colour dries I drag its opposite complementary colour across it. Working in this style I am creating layers of brilliant colours that grab your attention.

My goal is to create peace from Contradiction. Warm tones against cool tones. Dark colours against vibrant ones. Dry paint looking wet. All that contradiction turns into a beautiful visual harmony that is pleasing to the eye. I want the viewer to experience an inner sense of order and balance.

Lloyd Arbour

Arbour’s most recent work experiments with architecture, trains, maps, blueprints, photography and collage. Mediums play off, challenge, or complement one another. He creates unique urban designs that incorporate the new with the old to create imagery that is impactful. His recent work is a face lift to ordinary day to day elements of an urban city. His work allows the viewer to explore another perspective to the subdued or ordinary views of city life.

He uses advanced programs such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator and various techniques to construct his complex pieces of art.

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