Sunday, 12 May 2013

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival 2013: Featuring Photography by Inger Whist and Jamie Day Fleck

 For the month of May, The Elaine Fleck Gallery is featuring photography collections by Inger Whist and Jamie Day Fleck as part of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

Inger's work is based on a succession of photographs pieced together making up a panoramic still-point. The viewer revisits this still-point with a curved piece framed in plexiglas titled "The Wave" taken near Cape Town, South Africa. Her collection also features waterfront panoramic photographs taken in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Jamie's collection appropriately named "Night Portraits" is cinematically inspired scenes with people placed as lone characters in implied drama. Using the cities as stages, the environment, pools of light and neon lighting become almost a character itself through connotation and imposing a sense of place. The collection captures mundane moments in city settings highlighting the beauty yet isolation. "As the project progressed it became apparent this this was not just about the city but about urban living. It was about what it was like to live in a big, formidable city like New York: the beauty and isolation. While one can be surrounded by people, one can simultaneously feel alone."

Both collections are inspiring and unique. All work are for sale and will be exhibited until May 30th. Commission are also available upon request.

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