Friday, 29 March 2013

Interview with Art Dealer Elaine Fleck and Artist Amy Shackleton on her new Solo Show

Elaine: Tell us about your new Solo Show?
Amy: This April I am revealing a new series of paintings at The Elaine Fleck Gallery. I titled the show Things Are Looking Up. I think it will be my most colourful show yet (if that's possible).

Elaine: What is the driving force for it?
Amy: The work explores a new and exciting direction. I targeted and exposed specific energy efficient buildings that are popping up all across Canada. By shifting the vanishing point from low to high in space, I force the viewer to keep their chin up and be optimistic about the future of cities. 

Elaine: What has inspired you for this Solo Show?
Amy: The entire series is inspired by a feeling that came over me when I looked straight up in a forest. The surrounding trees curved in from all directions creating an abstract sense of space. Oddly enough, I've experienced this same feeling in the city, but instead of trees, high-rise buildings towered in from all directions. When I made this connection, I just had to illustrate my vision on canvas! 

Elaine: Are you working on any other “New” Painting Techniques? 
Amy: I'm always developing new techniques in my studio. With each piece I create, I discover more and more ways to manipulate paint with gravity. I just finished a 120" x 45" diptych that displays one of my newest discoveries. I can now achieve smooth colour gradients by spinning the canvas at high speeds!

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