Monday, 4 July 2016



features new artwork by

Jacqueline Veltri exhibiting until July 31, 2016 

Cindy Dyson and Scott Kish exhibiting until July 16, 2016 

This artwork is for sale.


This time and space series is about the way we use time. This series is dedicated to my mom who taught me that we can choose to use our time to be happy and fulfilled. I used the compasses to represent the space we occupy, and that we choose the direction we take in life. Ultimately time doesn't control us because we choose how we spend our time. I illustrate this by changing the scale of the compasses and making them much larger than the time pieces. - Jacqueline Veltri


My fascination with everyday street scenes reflects my hope and struggle to believe that the most beautiful moments in life are not always as expected. Perhaps these precious times are all at once – mundane and frenzied, fragile and strong, peaceful and painful, sunny and dark.
I work with acrylic paint and palette knives.  I find that the endlessness to the variety of mark I can make with these tools challenges and fascinates me.  I love the physicality and range of the knife – aggressive slices, delicate dabs, focused scrapes and thick bold swaths of colour.  The paint is so flexible – I can spray, splatter, blob and pour it. These qualities enable me to express a wide range of emotion in each piece.
I am greatly influenced by the European Impressionists. Their sensitive offerings physically and emotionally connect me to their 19th century world. My application of paint does not result in realistic representation.   Rather, I am satisfied with a rough familiarity and mood of subject.  My goal is to present an intriguing balance of roughness and tenderness; boldness and vulnerability, representation and expression. Cindy Dyson 


Scott Kish paints "motion" in all its variable forms. The four paintings curated by Elaine Fleck for this exhibition are, large in scale 40 x 70 inches, life size forms of runway models painted with oils on aluminum providing the viewer immediate context turning a static artwork into stylized motion.

In early 2016, Scott received word that his motion  paintings were the inspiration behind New York fashion designer Vivienne Hu's Fall 2016 collection. After viewing the collection at the runway show at NYFW, he was inspired to depict this collection in a series of paintings.

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