Saturday, 2 November 2013

The Elaine Fleck Gallery Invites you to come out and see the masterfully stylistic photographs of S.Vote and the arty goodness of Marcel Guldemond's paintings all on display and avaiable for sale during the month of November! 

"Each and every day, Life gives us a new chance to see things a little different than what we saw the day before. When we open our eyes, our hearts and minds; the simple little events, everyday circumstances and 'chance' meetings with another, all perfectly converge and gently whisper to us of the Divine, help us to embrace the Beautiful and will, if we can yield, ultimately carve away all that is not Truth. My hope is that when people see my work they feel as I do; art & beauty are often in the most ordinary of things." S.Vote

S.Vote is an internationally recognized Australian photographer, twice-published author and filmmaker. A passionate and diligent artist; his bold, large scale, original pieces are now in collections in Europe and North America. His work has been featured in American Photo, PDN, Popular Photography, Applied Arts, Photography Masters Cup and singled out by Graphis Photo Annual for exceptional imagery. 

S.Vote looks to Elaine Fleck to curate his work into a featured show at the Elaine Fleck Gallery each year. 

With a busy career of more than twenty years in advertising and editorial photography behind him & working around the globe and living in Sydney, London, Paris and most recently, New York (his home for more than a decade); S.Vote now lives with his amazing wife, his dog and their three little blokes in a small town in Western Massachusetts. 

Marcel Guldemond is an Ottawa based painter and former comic book artist. In his younger days, he spent more than a few summers planting trees and busting his fingernails under the big skies and open clear cuts of northern Ontario. That time spent lost down the endless logging roads has firmly embedded the great emptiness of the Canadian landscape into his psyche and forms a backdrop for much of his art.

During his 20s he bounced around from one institution to another before finally receiving a B.Sc. in Computer Science in 1999 from Dalhousie University. During that time he published several comic books, graphic novels and short stories, and won a Xeric Grant in 1999 for the graphic novel ‘Under a SlowlySpinning Sun’.

In 2003, he shifted his artistic focus from creating indie comic books back to making paintings, having been sucked back in by the messy joys of paint and colour. He has since expanded his subject matter from Canadian landscapes and Canadiana to include hot air balloons, fish, robots, and a host of other things. He is very happy to know that his paintings are out there in the world bringing their arty goodness into the lives of those who come in contact with them.

Marcel is represented in Toronto by the Elaine Fleck Gallery.

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