Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Art Exhibition: Still Photography and Video Installation

Abstract expressionism has a rich history that spans over a century. From its beginnings in Kandinsky and Kupka, to its evolution in Mondrian, Pollock, and Rothko, the movement has stirred the art world’s imagination and ignited debate about the power and meaning of art. The magic of non-figurative art is rooted in its ability to bypass our circuitry of preconceived mental representations and penetrate into something primordial. The pure colours and forms of a compelling abstract can invoke a deep emotional state, not unlike a piece of instrumental music.  
Featured Artist: Harrison Taylor

"I seek and make subjects that emulate patterns which can be taken out of their context of size and time. This creates a shift in scale that allows for a reinterpretation of preconceived visuals and ideas. As a result, my work suggests a constant struggle between nature and order; a play between what we know and what we are allowed to make up."

Featured Photographer: Roman Elinson

With abstract expressionist photography, the work becomes a collaboration between the artist and the forces of nature. In this series building facades are warped and transmogrified by the swells of lake Ontario, Parisian street lights are transformed into a ghostly fire in the ripples of the Seine, Turkish kiosks dissolve into diaphanous strands and splashes of colour in the waters of the Bosporus, and Christmas tree lights are detonated into an electrical tempest by the zoom and shake of the camera’s lens. I hope that in viewing these images you can share in my surprise and delight at the sublime creations of chaos at play. 

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